Luna (ninimoon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possibly pregnant?

Heya everyone, I come to you with a rather wonderful question (we have tv shows tot hank for this!). Basically I'm scared I'm pregnant... Here are some facts to consider:

1. Been on the same birth control pill for over half a year now. I sometimes get some side effects but mostly I am just fine. I am a 'perfect' user of the pill and take it always between the same 30 minute window (only ever been 'late' for a pill once and that was over 4 months ago).

2. I was on antibiotics last month but it wasn't one that has been proven to interact with hormonal birth control. Either way me and the boyfriend (only partner for over one year) decided to use the 'pull-out' methode for safety for over 10 days after I finished my antibiotics and during that time too. I never stopped taking my birth control though. We did 'slip up' once when we were going, he finished outside of me and then he shook it a bit, cleaned the head and then put it back in. I told him to take it out right away though.

3. Had my period a bit wonky this time around. Usually it lasts about 4 days and this time wasn't any different except I started a bit earlier than usual  and I bled a bit more than normal (usually it starts during the night time, this time I woke up the morning it should come and was like... a faucet). I am not a heavy bleeder by any means but this was considerably heavier. I bled heavily for 2 days and on the third day things seemed to slow down to the point I thought my period was gone. I was doing a bit more than spotting though throughout the day but at night I decided to go pad-less. I had sex with my boyfriend on that night (third night of my period) and he came inside of me. The next day I woke up to dirty undies, so I wore a pad and again it was a bit more than spotting. My flow was anywhere from bright red to dark brown (near the end).

4. Because of issues I had been in a sort of 'blue state' for a while and had been doing lots of crying and stuff...

5. There has been some stress at work and school... kind of more stressed out than usual.

6. Started my new pack of pills right on time. Buuut (and here is where the suspision comes from) I've been having tender breasts since the first day of my pill pack. Now, I would normally think this is from the pills buuuut I've never had this before! I went online and read that it could be a very early sign of pregnancy but since I had had such a normal period I shrugged it off, or tried to anyway. Now I am on day 10 of my pill pack and the sore boobies won't go away. They are not super sore, haven¡t changed in size and I admit MAYBE I am paying more attention to them but now I am really freaked out! I also had a stomach bug while on my period so, of course now I am thinking I had morening sickness.

7. Just wanted to add that I didn't get cramping during my period, but that is normal... only on the second to last day after having sex
 I did have some cramping.

8. I have been really tired lately... this would usually be something that I attribute to my stressful life at the moment buuut seeing that I am battling this whole "COULD I BE PREGGO ZOMG!?" thing at the moment I guess I thought "maybe I am tired BECAUSE I AM PREGNANT!!???".

So what say you kind peeps? Should I go and get a test? Is this truly a waste of money? Am I pregnant? <---- I know you can't truly answer that one hah! No but seriously? Is this tender breast thing something that can be from the pill? Even if I have taken it for nearly a year now and never had it before?

Help a girl out please!
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