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Reminder: VP is hiring! Nominate yourself or someone else.

Hello, VPers!

Just a reminder that (as you may or may not know) VP is hiring a new cohort of 2-3 maintainers and we'd love for you to nominate someone (or yourself), if you're interested.

We are especially interested in those from minority backgrounds (varied gender/sex identification and personal pronoun use, non-Whites, non-U.S. citizens, etc.). We are also a bunch of (aging!) busy people and we are looking for someone with the sufficient free time and youthful enthusiasm that can help us conquer the daily tasks of running a large community.

Interested? Please let us know by 10/17, which is when we'll begin the first round of email interviews. You can email ( or comment to the post linked above.

For the VP Team

P.S. Thanks for being patient with us while we bump this post daily. We promise (cross our hearts) to stop 10/17.
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