helpme11111 (helpme11111) wrote in vaginapagina,

slight clitoral pain

I had some rather vigorous sex two weekends ago, on Friday and Saturday night, and felt no bad side effects from the experience. On Wednesday of that week, however (seems later than normal for me to have a reaction), I had some very slight pain in my clitoris area. It was incredibly slight--but as there are several nerves there I am very aware of it. I checked it out and one side of the hood seemed perhaps a bit more red than normal, but nothing trapped under there and no smegma, and there were no sharp pains, itching, or burning. I actually chalked it up to my ovulation time, which was a few days later, since I had experienced something similar the month before around the time of ovulation (i chalked this up to going off of BC and changing hormones). Around Friday I stopped noticing any problems, and this past weekend had vigorous sex again on Saturday. Again, I was fine until Tuesday night, when I noticed the same uncomfortable feeling. Now it's Thursday and the situation hasn't gotten any better (and I think it's mildly worse than last week, but it's hard to tell whether I caused that as I was trying to look around last night, and clean it gently, but it's a very sensitive area).

I have an appointment to see my doctor next Thursday, but I wondered if anyone has ever had "clitoris burn" or something like this? I've been sore before from too much rubbing, but it's usually the day after and I can feel it get better every day. This is a different, twingy pain, only in one specific spot, and I have no idea what it's coming from. Everything online refers to something stuck under there, a clitoral hood that is too tight (I don't think this is the case), or a yeast infection (it's possible, though it's not itchy at all and only in one spot do I feel the pain). It's possible I have a cut or something like that, but it really only looked slightly red and I couldn't see any nicks.

For the record, I recently was tested for STIs and everything under the sun from a different problem I was having a few weeks ago and a few weeks before that, and was negative for everything.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm a little overly worried even though it's not so bad. My clitoris is very important to me!
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