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I haven't had a period in over 12 months. I was diagnosed with PCOS. The doctor told me to go back on the birth control I was taking (Diane-35). I asked how I was supposed to start taking it again, when in the instructions it says to take your first pill the first day of you period, and I'm not getting my period. So she prescribed me 'progesterone.' (I think. I am pretty sure this is the name of the pill I was prescribed - something she said I take for 5 days, then after a couple days I will start to bleed.)
Well apparantly progsterone is on back order and there wont be any in supply of all of Ontario (where I live) for at least four months.
I'm in this back-and-forth 'calling the doctor's receptionsist then calling the pharmacy game,' getting pretty fed up with it, and decided to ask you fine people before I call my doctors office back (because the lady on the phone was rude and I want to know more information before calling her again).
The doctor's receptionist already said, before I was informed by the pharmacy that the drug is need is out of supply for months, that my doctor said the 'other option' >insert some name I have no idea what she said< would not work in my case, so they didnt prescribe an alertnative.
Are there alternatives? The pharmacist said that there were other things they could give me, and to ask my doctor. *SIGH* So I guess I just want to know if anybody knows of alternatives, particularly the names so I can research them, or if anybody has any advice on what else I should be doing here.
I am pretty sure after a year of not having my period Im going to start putting myself at risk of something bad here.. so I dont want to wait another four months, if they even get it in four months (they arent even sure if it will be there in that time).
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