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Early period adn red raspberry leaf?

Hey there superstars! I was hoping y'all could lend a hand:

So yesterday I was craving a cup of tea but considering the amount of caffeine I'd already consumed, I went with the only herbal thing I could find in my cupboard - red raspberry leaf tea (this one: I use it for cramping around my period and generally don't drink it outside that time. So today I go on my merry way to work and find at about 10am that I am spotting just the tiniest bit. It went on all day and has been icky brown stretchy mucousy stuff for the most part but it just barely makes it to my underwear. I've also been cramping intermittently all day as well. Now since I went off HBC four months ago and got my lovely uterus bling Dexter (my Flexi-T 300) installed, my periods have been surprisingly regular, coming every 28 days. Today is day 23 and I expect this will be a full blow period by tomorrow.

Has anyone ever experienced red raspberry leaf causing an early period? Thank you all for your wonderful assistance!
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