Laura B. (pyralisdawn) wrote in vaginapagina,
Laura B.

Uti, treatment

Hey vagpagers,
So, this morning i woke up with pretty uncomfortable uti symptoms: ridiculous need to pee, burning, etc. I had to go to work, so over the course of the day i have been drinking a ridiculous amount of water with vitamin C and peeing a lot, and my symptoms have greatly improved! I was planning on going to the urgent care tonight for some meds, but seeing as i am pretty limited in the budget department, if that's not truly neccesary then i would rather not. But, i am concerned that maybe uti's can be like some other illnesses, "better in the evening", and then i will wake up again tomorrow equally if not more miserable than i was earlier today. Is it possible that my home treatment is taking care of this, or is it just easing my symptoms and i really do need antibiotics for recovery? I am aware that i can't ask for medical advice here, but personal experiences to help inform my decision of whether to go this evening would be helpful. (I do manual labor for a living, so waiting and seeing isn't a good option since a gazillion pee breaks really interrupt my day, though i usually pee regularly and don't hold it or other unhealthy habits).

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