Eva (evawhimsy) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI :(

First UTI, ughhhh. I was diagnosed with a bladder infection, and my NP prescribed Cipro. But I have so many questions that I didn't remember to ask her :/ Maybe you guys can help me?

1) I'm supposed to take it every 12 hours, but I haven't been super precise about it (like I'll be late by like an hour or two). Is that a huge problem? Should I let my NP know?

2) Am I supposed to take it on an empty stomach? I googled, and sources say Cipro is a non-food antibiotic, but my NP never said anything about it nor is there anything indicating that on the bottle about waiting a certain number of hours after I eat.

3) Uhh, when can I HAVE SEX AGAIN? My NP was vague about it, she said "whenever my symptoms are totally gone" but I never had that many symptoms in the first place :/ I was only prescribed antibiotics for 3 days, and my third day is tomorrow... Can I give my bf some good news on Tue?

4) How the hell do I prevent this shit again, other than peeing right after sex? We always use a condom.
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