Kelsie (kelsietrpt) wrote in vaginapagina,

Elevated BBT since last having cramps and pink mucus

HI all.  Here's the rundown:

-My last period started on Sept. 22nd.  It was no different from any other period.  It was heavy, crampy, clotty, etc.  That's basically how my period is every month. :( It lasted six days, as usual.
-I am sexually active.  I have sex almost every day.  Due to multiple reasons, I do NOT use hormonal birth control.  My boyfriend and I rely on FAM and withdrawal.  Up until this month, I have had NO trouble charting my fertility.  My basal body temp. has very, very clear shifts when I ovulate.  My pre-ovulation temp is usually around 96.8 (on the low side).  Post ovulation, my temp is around 97.5.  When we have sex before I ovulate, we use withdrawal every single time.  He withdraws well before he ejaculates, and he knows to never, ever have sex with me unless he has urinated first. :) I wait until four days of elevated temps after ovulation, at which point we no longer use withdrawal.  I've been doing this for well over a year without issue.
-I am prone to ovarian cysts that cause a lot of breast tenderness, abdominal pain, cramps, pimples, and other hormonal unpleasantness.  It's NOT PCOS that any ultrasound has ever revealed.  It seems I just get one or two larger cysts every couple of months or so.  Surprisingly, though, my period is almost always like clockwork.

This month, I noticed that my breast tenderness did not go away after my period.  I also kept on cramping through the month, getting pimples, and having lots of abdominal pain--so much so that I had to use a heating pad several times.  Also, my BBT never dropped back down.  I still felt twinges in my ovaries around day 12, but I never got the rush of cervical mucus I usually get.  I'm on day 18 of my cycle right now, and I've been crampy all day, as though I'm about to start my period.  I also went on a house cleaning frenzy (which, for some reason, I always do when my period is coming).  I just peed and when I wiped, I noticed pink tinged mucus. 

Do you think I had an ovarian cyst and that it has finally burst?  My body temperature has felt totally wacked out today.  One minute I'm cold.  The next minute I'm burning up.  Then I'm shivering.  I REALLY don't think I'm pregnant, since I've been having these symptoms ever since my very heavy, very horrible period ended.  Has anyone ever had pinkish mucus after a cyst ruptures?

I'm hoping my period isn't going to come early.  It has been known to do that a few times, though.  I guess I just want reassurance that I'm probably not pregnant, and information about what it's like when other people have cysts/when they rupture.

Thanks, and sorry for the novel!

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