Sarah (orals) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregancy test - is it too soon?

I read through the memories regarding pregnancy tests, but I am still a tad confused. Sorry!

I have an app on my phone that helps me track periods and tells me when I am ovulating and such. May not be 100% accurate and I am fine with that. Recently, I stopped taking my pill due to several issues and I have scheduled an appointment to have my tubes tied at the end of October.

In the mean time, my husband and I had sex the day before my app said I would be ovulating and there was an issue with the condom and it broke. This was September 25. My period may or may not be due tomorrow. (I say this because I am no longer on my pill and unsure if my cycle will be changing so if I miss this period it could be pregnancy... or possibly a change due to stopping my pill?)

I have read you can get a positive 5 days before your missed period but that seems way too soon. That would be 10 days after conception? When I was pregnant with my daughter I got a positive at about 6 weeks into my pregnancy.. i had taken a test 3 weeks before that and it was negative.

So my question is, how long does it normally take to get a positive on a test? I have gotten negative tests (I took one 5 days before my period. I may take another today or tomorrow) but I feel exhausted. My breasts are very sore and while it is extremely mild I have been feeling nauseous. The tender breasts is what worries me but I know some people get that around their period. If I ever have before it's never been so noticeable.

I do not want to cancel my surgery if I do not have to because it took me a year to find a doctor who would tie my tubes at 23. But I am not sure how long to wait to make 100% sure I am not pregnant.

In short, whats the earliest I can test and possibly get a positive? Would it be after this missed period even though that seems so soon?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Thank you all for your answers. I did take one tonight and it did come up positive. Still a very faint line but positive.
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