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VP Is Hiring New SSMs!

**VP is hiring!**
Because of the awesome growth in the community, we´re looking for a new cohort of 2-3 volunteers. This is your chance to nominate yourself or someone else to join the VP Team. 

NOTE:  We are especially interested in those from minority backgrounds (varied gender/sex identification and personal pronoun use, non-Whites, non-U.S. citizens, etc.).  We are also a bunch of (aging!) busy people and we are looking for someone with the sufficient free time and youthful enthusiasm that can help us conquer the daily tasks of running a large community.

We will begin the first round of email interviews on October 17, so please let us know by then if you're interested.

JOB DESCRIPTION: VaginaPagina Safe Space Maintainer

Being a Safe Space Maintainer and part of the VP Team involves the following responsibilities:

  • Read all VP posts and comments and keep a sharp eye out for anything that may be a violation of Safe Space/community rules
  • Check the VP mod community, contact_vp, and your VP email periodically throughout the day
  • Be on the look-out for misinformation and provide reputable, accurate information when possible
  • Be willing to contribute to VP projects, such as: drafting Vulvapedia articles, contributing to the weekly Links Roundup, helping us write/edit a book, updating Vulvapedia information, etc.
  • Respond promptly and professionally to Superstar questions and concerns via email (you will receive an email address
  • Ban/unban users upon consensus
  • Continue to be active as a member
  • Other duties that may have slipped our minds (see here for a look at the details of what we do behind the scenes)


  • Knowing that you're doing important, positive and life-changing work
  • Filling an important gap (*cough*--pun intended) by helping to educate people about sex in a society that's woefully inadequate at that
  • Knowing that you're helping to empower people about their bodies, health and sexuality
  • Making a difference in the world, 32,000+ vaginas (and other flavors of genital awesomeness) at a time
  • Having something really great to write on your CV/resume (seriously--VP maintainership has helped VP Teamsters acquire Actual Jobs, even very recently)
  • Learning new stuff all the time in an environment that fosters personal/communal growth


  • Have a LiveJournal account.
  • Take this position as seriously as you would take any paid position.
  • Be willing to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours a week (this can vary depending on what's going on) to community maintenance issues. Bonus points for people available during the daytime and/or in non-Eastern time zones.
  • Be familiar and comfortable with how LiveJournal communities work. (Bonus points for anyone who has experience maintaining communities, although this is not a requirement.)
  • Have a strong proficiency in English spelling and grammar and be able to express yourself thoughtfully and intelligently in all VP communication.
  • Read all VP posts and comments daily.
  • Be pleasant but also sassy and passionate about VP-related topics. Be able to get along with 10 other awesome people by the same description (the VP Team is tight!).
  • Be open to alternative perspectives outside of your normal mode of thinking. Along with that, know when to hold your ground and when to admit you've made a mistake.
  • Be willing to work through consensus and as a team, but also able to take initiative in a pinch.
  • Be firmly committed to Safe Space as it is defined in VP and be able to walk the paper-thin line between "censorship" and Safe Space with aplomb and grace.
  • Be compassionate, honest, tough, fair and consistent.
  • Be free of (or willing to let go of) other LJ affiliations that conflict with VP's interests.
  • We'd really like to diversify, which can be tough given the general LJ demographic. Super huge bonus points if you are unlike the majority of the white, non-trans*/gender-queer, mid-20s, childless, U.S. American VP maintainers.
  • Have a fair amount of time for VPing.  Youthful enthusiasm a plus!   (Most of us SSMs are now much older than the average VPer--we'd like a change in perspective and someone who's grounded in the user base, though these are definitely not deal breakers!  All applicants welcome.)

INTERESTED? GOT QUESTIONS? Yeah, we thought so. Send an email to us at There is a three-step online application and interview process; more information will be provided once email contact is established.

Feel free to leave questions or nominations in the comments to this post too!

We hope to hear from several of you extra super superstars soon. Until then, please bear with us as we occasionally spam the community with this announcement.

--The VP Team
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