gummi711 (gummi711) wrote in vaginapagina,

HELP: Necessary to take Emergency Contraceptive???

Okay, my boyfriend and I are experiencing a little doubt and worry now, and we'd really really really appreciate some quick feedback.

We had sex in the morning, where I took my HBC about 5-10 minutes before,  and he used a condom. However, when we finished, we noticed that there was less in the condom than what we're normally used to-however we were being really quick this time, so that may have affected it(?). Then, we noticed that there was a lot of fluid on me as well-this could also have been me, however, because there was a lot of foreplay and I was extremely aroused, and I do tend to have a lot of pre-cum when aroused.

Our main concern though, was when we noticed that the cum in the condom was quite, shall we say, liquidy, and that there might have been a possibility that the stuff on me was semen? So we rather freaked out. I went online and researched how to use my HBC as emergency contraceptive (Alesse), where it said to take 5 hormonal pills within 120 hours, then another 5 within 12 hours of that. So, I immediately took the remaining 4 in my pack, and will have to go to my pharmacy later today or tomorrow morning to refill my prescription and get another two packs. I'm wondering whether I should then take 5 from my new pack, and continue onwards, or whether it might be a good idea to induce my period now? I was near the end of my cycle as is. My thought is that if I induce my period now I'll know for sure whether I'm pregnant, and can avoid taking so many pills. 

Thoughts would be immensely appreciated!

EDIT: Additional information I neglected to mention- I was on day 17 when I took the pill before sex, then took the remaining four (18-21) as emergency contraceptive after the freak out. 

A question I meant to ask but couldn't articulate: Now that I have "finished" a pack (taken all the hormonal pills)  should I have my period now? Or, should I continue on the cycle I had before taking the 4 contraceptive pills and take a pill a day for the next four days THEN have my regular period? 
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