The Mod Mob (modmob) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Mod Mob

4-week abortions in Connecticut?

Heya superstars -- I figured you'd have good answers to my question:
During an emergency room visit this past week, the nurse did a urine test and discovered that I'm pregnant (a fact which I was previously not aware of). After another urine test and a blood test, she determined that I'm about 4 weeks along. I've never wanted kids, so I decided to have an abortion.
The doctor's office that they referred me to doesn't do abortions until 7 weeks, and the local Planned Parenthood said they don't do abortions until 5 weeks.
Should I just wait another week, or is there a place in Connecticut that does abortions at 4 weeks?

Thanks in advance.
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