Jessica (rockstar_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV again.. And insanely itchy Vulva

Hello everyone!

A few months back I posted about possibly having BV. Turns out, after being tested, it was infact BV. My Dr prescribed me a 7 day course of flagyl.. Which was the most brutal 7 days of antibiotic hell, but it did clear everything up. However my discharge just never quite returned to what it was pre-bv.

It's been roughly a month and a half and bv has returned. Seems to rear it's head after my partner and I have slightly rougher sex. This time I decided to use some home remedies to try and clear it up as I just can't afford antibiotics again especially ones that make me feel worse for the week. I tried soaking tampons in plain natural yoghurt and moved onto acidophilus capsules and folic acid which seem to have improved things. However I now have an insanely itchy vulva. Ive tried smearing yoghurt on this to soothe but to no avail. It's driving me crazy!! Any suggestions to what else I could try to ease this?
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