~* (funkyfresh) wrote in vaginapagina,

baby sex

hey VP!

first and foremost, i want to thank everyone who commented with their experience and/or advice on my last post about anal sex. i read and appreciate each and every comment, but there were so many, and i currently have a terrible phone that i use for the internet, so replying to each and every comment just seemed unrealistic, lol. so... thank you!

now, to my question. i remember seeing a comment, or maybe it was a post months ago about pregnancy and determining the sex of a baby based on ovulation? i think... not 100%.

i am not planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon, but if it were to happen one day, i guess it would be cool to know the answer to the age old question*

my current boyfriend who i love very much and could definitely see a good future with, has a 5 year old son. so, should we happen to become pregnant one day, since i (sadly) cannot give him the joy of having his first born, i would love to give him his first daughter. i hate the terminology i just used, as though i am giving him a present that isn't mine... but i'm working on zero sleep and am running on auto pilot! so forgive me.

SO, is there any way to determine, or greaten your chances of having either a girl or boy at conception? i really hope this question makes sense.

thank you!

*i of course would love my baby, whatever the sex!
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