eperson (eperson) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding Between Periods...again

The last time I posted anything about this, it was when I first started running again. If I ran, I spotted that day. That eventually stopped after a couple of weeks and once my body got used to the new routine, my period regulated, my moodswings tapered off, and it reduced the monthly water retention. The benefits of a daily workout far outweighed the minor inconvenience of having a little spotting.

This time I am a little bit afraid because of the beating I took, last night. My boyfriend and I have been pairing in Jeet Kune Do for about two months. The power behind his kicks and punches have increased significantly more than my ability to withstand them. We learned a new kick last night that made me finally admit that I physically can't be his partner anymore. At first it was funny because his side kicks, no matter how much I braced myself and pushed back, they were sending me rocketing across the floor. It didn't really hurt though, because the padding is so thick on the kicking bags. The one that eventually did me in, bruised both sides of my forearm, did something to my shoulder (I can barely move my arm without pain), and when I was getting in the shower last night, I noticed that where my arm collapsed against my hip bone is all purple and spotty like I got kicked with cleats.

When I woke up, this morning, I felt fine; a little sore but that was to be expected. I did my morning routine and everything still seemed okay but when I got in the shower and cleaned the kitty, there was blood on the shower puff. I thought maybe I was spotting again because of the harder workout but it's almost evening and I am still bleeding like I have my period. I just got my period on the 24th and it ended on the 30th. I have cramping, similar to period pains, but slightly sharper (not debilitating though). I guess I am just looking for a little reassurance that you can bring on period like symptoms if you work your body too hard. If I did any serious damage, I would feel it, right?
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