Angeline (fashiondork) wrote in vaginapagina,

minorly wierd periods?

I really doubt this is something that can be solved, but my periods really vary from one to the next. I also have some really unusual symptoms. They are always the same in terms of amount of blood amount and length, but the symptoms are always wildly different even though I have very routine eating habits and exercise habits. Sometimes my breasts will hurt horribly for about a week beforehand. Sometimes there will be no pain whatsoever. Sometimes the cramps will be ok on the 1st and 2nd day, sometimes I can't walk because they are so bad.

So anyway, the symptoms I am especially worried about. about 3 times since about 3 years ago I have started my period during the night, woken up, tried to get out of bed and started to faint and feel nauseous, and then crawled to the bathroom and vomited, having to spend the next few hours in bed because I can't stand up without fainting! I haven't had this for almost a year though but it's really bizarre when it does happen!

Another thing I would like help with. I know that most people want food during their period, but I don't feel like eating, and if I don't eat much I feel really weak, and if I do eat literally any sort of food I get the worst constipation/digestion or diarrhea problems on earth plus worse cramps plus headaches galore. (so basically I can't win ) I have always had this.

I just am asking, do these things sound at all normal and is there anything I can do about them? I dunno.
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