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Just wondering who here is on a mini pill & experiences with it

I met with my gyn yesterday to discuss what to do about keeping endo from getting worse (and from keeping another endometrioma from growing).

He seemed to push the combined pills. He never even mentioned the mini pills (except for an IUD) until I actually asked him about them and he said something about how mini pills don't stop cysts from forming. Sooo....? I still think the mini pill is a better fit for me as I have high cholesterol and don't want to worry about blood clot risks and things like that with the combined pill. And have read that supposedly with the mini pill, you don't have that risk of blood clots... at least not as much.

I was looking into Nuvaring and at first wanted to try that, but really don't know if I should with all my other health problems and high cholesterol.

So I was just wondering the others here who are on a mini pill (if so, which one?) and how you like it? I KNOW that everyone has different experiences with BC, but I just want to know who all here are on a mini pill and how it has worked for you. I have already read a LOT of reviews for most all BC as I am trying to do as much research as a I possibly can.

Thank you!
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