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Links round-up: Week ending October 1, 2011

Welcome to our new weekly links round-up. This is a compilation of items from the past week that may be of interest to VPers. If you'd like to see an article included, send me an e-mail at recidivist@vaginapagina.com . Non-US and positive links are especially appreciated. (I can't fit all the awesome links people send, but I'll try to post any that I don't include to Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.) You can also just take matters into your own hands and post in the comments!

As a reminder, in lieu of trigger warnings, I use keywords describing the themes of the piece. Please skim these before deciding to read the excerpt or click through for the full article. Outside sources are not safe spaces, and mainstream source's comments should almost always be avoided. The links I highlight don't necessarily reflect VP's views, or even my own, for that matter. 

This week's round-up includes: learning consent in lesbian relationships; fear of antidepressants keep people from seeking help; cervical cancer detection with vinegar; FBI to revise rape definition; Wal-Mart adds transgender protections to non-discrimination policy; after her engagement falls apart, a woman marries herself; why doctors order so many tests; sidelining of people of color on Glee; grassroots involvement key to women's health; Our Bodies, Ourselves celebrates 40 years

  1. How I Learned to Talk (In Bed): Why This Queer Woman Cares About Consent at Autostraddle (Keywords: US, consent, queer, rape, sex)
    Consent should belong to everyone. Because consent is not about preventing violence or fixing rape culture. (That’s a bonus.) Consent is about having sex on our own terms, no matter what they are in that instant. But globally, the dominant conversation about sex and consent is about men and women having sex and utilizing consent. Many times, the patriarchal gender norms of our world also dictate how sex and consent work in the bedroom. And all of these conversations may make you, as a queer woman, feel pretty excluded by the consent movement. And maybe you even think, like I did, that consent just isn’t for or about you. But it is.
    And I know because when I started having sex with women, I started to ask.

  2. Fear Of Antidepressants Leads People To Shun Treatment at NPR (Keywords: US, depression, mental health, medication, stigma )
    Researchers asked more than a thousand Californians if they would tell their primary care doctor about symptoms of depression. Almost half the people said they had their reasons for keeping the symptoms secret. The No. 1 reason: 23 percent said they feared that they would be prescribed antidepressants.

  3. Fighting Cervical Cancer With Vinegar and Ingenuity at New York Times beatrixie</lj> (Keywords: Thailand, cervical cancer, cissexist language)
    What allowed the nurse to render that reassuring diagnosis was a remarkably simple, brief and inexpensive procedure, one with the potential to do for poor countries what the Pap smear did for rich ones: end cervical cancer’s reign as the No. 1 cancer killer of women. The magic ingredient? Household vinegar.

  4. FBI to Revise Hopelessly Narrow Definition of Rape at Colorlines (Keywords: US, rape, law, gender)
    After years of pressure from activists and a surprising push by local police departments, the FBI is planning to revise its 80-year-old, ridiculously narrow definition of so-called forcible rape, The New York Times reports.

  5. Walmart Adds Transgender Provisions To Employee Non-Discrimination Policy at Huffington Post (Keywords: US, Wal-Mart, gender, non-discrimination)
    Walmart has passed provisions in its employee non-discrimination policy to protect transgender employees reports the Windy City Times.

  6. The Bold Single Bride Who Married Herself at The Frisky (Keywords: US, marriage, singledom)
    What would you do if you wound up single on what was to be one of the most special days of your life—your wedding day? My friend Desiree did something remarkable and revolutionary: instead of hiding away, she marched boldly into a proud new future, and in the process became an inspiration to me and, hopefully, some of you as well.

  7. Why Doctors Order So Many Tests at New York Times Blog (Keywords: US, health care)
    For several decades now, researchers have pointed to excessive care as an important factor behind spiraling health care costs. Some studies have estimated that up to 30 percent of the care delivered to patients in the United States is unnecessary, and sometimes even harmful.

  8. The “Other Ethnic”: Minorities in Glee at The Screen as I see It (Keywords: US, Glee, television, race, sexuality)
    During the most recent episode,” I Am Unicorn”, Kurt, a white, openly gay character on the show, voiced his frustration that he will never be able to play the leading roles he desires because he is unable to ‘pass’ as straight. This struck me as an interesting thing for Kurt to say, and for the writers to prioritise, as it’s a problem that most ethnic minority actors and performers face constantly.

  9. ‘Involvement at grassroots level needed for women empowerment' at The Hindu (Keywords: India, women, health)
    Expressing satisfaction at the increasing number of women in Panchayats, he said that these women were playing a more assertive role in the process of local governance. “Elected women representatives are no longer mouthpieces of their male relatives and the empowerment of women has been on the rise with each passing election,” he said.

  10. Our Bodies, Ourselves Celebrates 40 Years at Boston University (Keywords: US, education, access)
    Most college women today are probably unaware that they owe their access to specialized women’s health care, the abundance of frank information about their bodies and their sexuality, and the ever-swelling tide of wellness literature in large part to a now-iconic paperback titled Our Bodies, Ourselves.

What have you been reading (or writing!) this week?

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