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Interesting Web Site

My cousin shared this link on Facebook today, and I'm still going through the articles that look interesting to me, but I thought a number of the people in this community might find it interesting/helpful, as well.

The Plus-Size Pregnancy Website

There are lots of articles there about fat acceptance, as well as all kinds of things that plus-size women have to deal with, whether pregnant or not. Some of them are things I've heard of before (e.g., PCOS - and the point is made that non-fat women can have PCOS too) and some are new to me (e.g., doctors recommending planned cesareans due to "fat vagina").

Overall, it's just a really positive site (so far). While there are certainly negative things there, the site seems to be about finding ways to be happy with yourself as you are and finding health providers who will support you instead of constantly making you feel badly about yourself.

Just remembered, I should go share this link with my friend who's due in January; she's larger than I am and has had to deal with way more fat-shaming from medical professionals than I have.
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