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Advice Please?

So the guy I am sort of seeing came over last night and we had a lot of rather vigorous sex. The condom broke on the first time, and I am not currently on any form of contraception. We figured it's already happened so we may as well continue, so we had condomless sex for the rest of the evening and once this morning. I went and got emergency contraception this morning. My question is: I am due to have the implant inserted into my arm in two weeks - will the hormones in the emergency contraception impact this in any way? Should I be getting a pregnancy test prior to having the implant, to be sure?

Also, a couple of hours before he came over I shaved, and I ended up with a really bad patch of razor rash at the very top of my inner thigh, right next to my labia. During the course of sex it got very irritated, and I don't think the presence of his semen helped. It's really sore this morning, and feels hot to the touch as well as rather lumpy. It's also bright red. Any advice on how to soothe it? I don't have a bath, unfortunately, or I would be lounging in there for a couple of hours. I'm also peeing a hell of a lot, and although I have only had one UTI in my life, over 10 years ago, I am concerned this might be one - is it too soon after sex to be showing UTI symptoms?

Thanks in advance!
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