jellooo_girl (jellooo_girl) wrote in vaginapagina,

took the wrong pill

So I took each pill of my pack monday through sat of week one on time. Then (on sunday) I accidently took the saturday of week 2 (note the yellow arrow) pill instead of the sunday of week 2 pill (because they are both on the ends!!) I didn't realize until monday when I went to take my next pill. So I decided just to take the sunday one and go from there. It is now Thursday, and since this mistake has left me one day behind, today i took the wednesday pill. So technically this will sort itself out by sunday and I will be back on track. I read the package insert and all of the "if you miss X number of pills do this" scenarios don't really fit. Except maybe the one that says keeping going until sunday then throw it out and start a new pack.......???????
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