new___noise (new___noise) wrote in vaginapagina,

sweaty question

hi all. i have a question about body odor. ive always been what i called a hot-blooded sweat really easily, and get smelly. it got bad when i was going through puberty, and i remember ruining a lot of tshirts with pit stains. that eventually stopped happening, but i would still sweat a lot. my smell was never really that strong, i just got really..well..wet! but a few years ago i developed a small painful cyst in my armpit that my doc told me was from shaving/using antiperspirant which clogs the sweat glands. after that ordeal, i stopped using the deodorant i usually used (dove or something) and switched to toms, a natural deodorant with no aluminum-- not an antiperspirant. for as long as ive been using it, it just...doesnt really work that well. it will for a bit, but then i get wet under my arms and start to smell...really bad! ive been on bc since feb, and ive noticed even more sweating since then. my boyfriend told me i smell worse than a dude sometimes..and i think its true! i smell worse than him..i can smell myself and i feel like everyone can smell me. its not just the smell. i can feel sweat dripping down my back/neck and my hair gets wet with sweat just from walking casually to school. i think i need a strong antiperspirant...the thing is...when i briefly used one i started to develop another painful cyst! i dont want that to happen..but i dont wanna be the sweaty smelly girl in class! i know its natural and whatnot, but its getting pretty annoying. as i type this im even sweating..and im not even doing anything! anyone have insight on this or have the same issues? could anyone recommend advice or a gentle yet effective deodorant i could try? (toms is too weak! im currently using a natural version of arm&hammer...still doesnt work!) thanks in advance.
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