Skazka (supercrook) wrote in vaginapagina,

Low-dose HBC's effect on pre-existing depression (TW for mentions of dysphoria)

Hi, all! I'm a trans man (18 years old, nonsmoker, not on any kind of supplemental hormone regimen or medication), and my doctor is recommending I start taking oral contraceptives to help with bad cramps/irregular periods. (Also to possibly alleviate the intensified depression before I actually begin menstruating -- I have major depression distinct from my menstrual cycle, and while I do get gender dysphoria during my period, it's not just floating around in the week leading up to it unless I encounter specifically triggery stuff when depressed. )

I presume she's recommending low-dose birth control; reading on this site that seems logical, and less likely to cause irritable moods or depression. But is low-dose birth control at a high risk of exacerbating pre-existing depression? I've also been told it might make my depression in general better, so I'm a little confused. (Planning on charting my mood/regular visits with a psychologist during the first three months anyway, but I just want to know what to expect.) I'd just Google this, but I'm really worried about misinformation/speculation from people who haven't actually experienced this scenario.

Sorry if this is a foolish question of if it's been asked before! I checked over the HBC tag and read the VulvaPedia page on the topic, but I'm new to VaginaPagina.
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