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lube, problems staying wet

Hi all,
another question here about lubricants.

I've never ever had problems with naturally being lubricated/wet during sex, but I've used lube in the distant past for anal sex and to make things super slippery. (I don't have much experience with it though, as my ex was the one who bought it)

However, I recently had a surgical abortion and since then did not inserted anything in my vagina for 2 months (I tried one tampon at about 4 weeks and it was painful and would not go in more than halfway). I got really paranoid about potential infection so I wouldn't even insert a finger in there.

Lately I've managed to rekindle interest in romance and have been seeing a really wonderful guy. Lots of foreplay, me feeling really really into it and turned on, yet when it came down to it I wasn't wet enough for him to manage to push in. I had brought lube with me, I don't know what kind exactly, it came with the first toy I purchased a few months back, and it went alright but after maybe 15-20 minutes it became sticky. Not like sticky like honey, just dried out and wasn't slippery anymore. I was pretty self-conscious about it considering I feel pretty young, sufficiently turned on and just ended up really frustrated I wasn't working the way I wanted to. Since this guy is new I was a bit embarrassed about it as well as the need to use a lubricant. Eventually, after a couple more tries with the lubricant, on the third try I was getting wet enough to ditch it.

We're a bit of a ways away so I'm going to visit him again in a few weeks so I just wanted to hear opinions on lubricants that people like that won't be sticky or dry out, just in case the same thing happens again. I just want to be able to enjoy it without worrying about reapplying it often. Is this unrealistic?

Another note is that I'm not currently using condoms with him, just HBC, as before I was confused about my personal fertility.

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