[ the day sees| me |floating with wings of cirrus] (daysees) wrote in vaginapagina,
[ the day sees| me |floating with wings of cirrus]

What is this?!

I apologize in advance because I cannot offer a photograph right now but was wondering if anyone had any insight.

Tonight after showering I noticed something unusual down there. I noticed two tiny, gooey white bumps on the right inside of my clitoral hood. The only way to see them is to pull back the skin and expose the clitoris. The strange thing is that I never noticed it because there is no itching, burning, pain, foul smells, or unusual discharge. I've been looking around the Internet (a bad idea) to see if anyone could help identify what it may be. I thought it might be dried discharge but it didn't rub off. They are clumped together so they are about the size of a short grain of rice.


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