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Itchy Dry Vagina - help?


This has been a bit of a problem for two months now and it's really beginning to bother me. My issue is pretty simple - the pattern is that in the week after ovulation for the last two months, my vaginal discharge goes from clear and stringy (like raw egg white) to whitish, and there's almost no discharge at all. Then my vagina becomes very dry and very itchy. Like, maddeningly itchy.

I'm prone to YIs, so I usually have the treatment on-hand to deal with it. But this issue seems different to the typical YI, there is no discharge at all. I haven't been swabbed for a YI recently, but last month I treated the itchy/dryness with a 3-day canesten-treatment and it seemed to go away (that may also be in-part because the cream adds moisture and has a soothing effect). Then my period came and it seemed to right itself entirely. The itchy/dryness has returned again this month under the exact same circumstances as last month - the week after ovulation.

It doesn't seem normal... does anyone have an idea about what might be causing it? I've wondered if it has something to do with the change/drop of estrogen after ovulation has finished, but I haven't been able to find much reliable information around.

Please help. I would love to know how to prevent this, or at least treat it properly.
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