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Links Round-Up: Week Ending September 24th

Welcome to our new weekly links round-up. This is a compilation of items from the past week that may be of interest to VPers. If you'd like to see an article included, send an e-mail to recidivist@vaginapagina.com . Non-US and positive links are especially appreciated. (I can't fit all the awesome links people send, but I'll try to post any that I don't include to Twitter.) You can also just take matters into your own hands and post in the comments!

In particular, this week there's been some shuffling around with link collection and posting. To that end, there's a reasonable chance that if you submitted a link, it got lost in said shuffle and did not get to me for this post. (There's also a chance that I included your link but did not credit you for the submission: let me know, and I can edit!) Please know that it had nothing to do with not liking your link, and please feel free to add your links in the comments.

As a reminder, in lieu of trigger warnings, I use keywords describing the themes of the piece. Please skim these before deciding to read the excerpt or click through for the full article. Outside sources are not safe spaces, and mainstream source's comments should almost always be avoided. The links I highlight don't necessarily reflect VP's views, or even my own, for that matter.

This week's round-up includes: movies, vibrators, and "hysteria;" appropriation of native arts into mainstream consumer culture; World Contraception Day; SlutWalk and racial inclusion; new findings about the incidence of vulvodynia.

  1. Maggie Gyllenhall On Vibrators and 'Hysteria' at Huffington Post (via rockstarbob) (Keywords: vibrators, orgasm, hysteria, movies, Toronto Film Festival)
    "It's about vibrators and women's orgasms, and I don't think people really do talk about it very much, and I do think it does still make us flushed and uncomfortable," Gyllenhaal said.

  2. An Open Letter To My Local Hipsters at Media Indigena (Keywords: Indigenous and native cultures, North America, cultural appropriation, fashion, advertising)
    Separating native people from our culture, and the politics and history from the images, serves to erase us. It makes it easier for native people like me, and the woman who knitted that sweater, to remain marginalized and silent while our imagery becomes a consumer object as part of mainstream culture.

  3. World Contraception Day at Your-Life.com (Keywords: international, contraception, sex ed)
    World Contraception Day is an annual event taking place on 26th September each year. Every year, countries and regions around the world organize events to mark World Contraception Day and to demonstrate their commitment to raising awareness of contraception and improving education regarding reproductive and sexual health.

  4. An Open Letter from Black Women to the SlutWalk at NewBlackMan (Keywords: Black, race, sexual assault, rape culture, SlutWalk)
    We know the SlutWalk is a call to action and we have heard you. Yet we struggle with the decision to answer this call by joining with or supporting something that even in name exemplifies the ways in which mainstream women’s movements have repeatedly excluded Black women even in spaces where our participation is most critical.

  5. Genital pain not uncommon among women: survey at Reuters (Keywords: healthcare, diagnosis, genital pain, vulvodynia)
    As many as one in 12 women say they have a type of genital pain known as vulvodynia, yet few have been diagnosed with it, a new survey suggests.

What have you been reading (or writing!) this week?

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