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Can penises get sporadic infections?

I apologize for this question not being specifically about vaginas (it's actually about penises!), but this community is just so active and knowledgeable that it seemed like the best place to ask :)

My guy is currently dealing with what sounds like a very unpleasant problem with his penis. The symptoms match chlamydia or gonorrhea (burning and dripping), but he got tested and treated for both and the results were negative and thus far the infection has not gotten much better.

Me and him started having unprotected sex in August. Although it was by no means his first time having sex, it was his first time ever experiencing PIV without a condom. He started getting the really bad burning, itching, and dripping symptoms about 5 weeks after we first starting doing it.

Not surprisingly, at first he blamed me for giving him an STI. I have no symptoms, but I got a full STI panel done as soon as possible, and since his symptoms sounded like chlamydia and gonorrhea I was immediately given treatment for both. I'm still waiting for my test results, but like I said, my guy's results came back negative. In the meantime, he did get re-tested, and he was put on some other kind of medication that sounds completely awful. He has to take pills that are an inch long on an empty stomach, four times a day.

Now here's the thing: my guy had never had condomless PIV before. He also has remarkable stamina, and we would routinely have a session of PIV for 2-3 hours at a time, with only a few sporadic breaks.

I'm wondering if he could have gotten an infection, perhaps the equivalent of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis in a vagina, from a change of environment for his penis. To put it quite bluntly, due to use of condoms his penis had never been in direct contact with the inside of a vagina before, and the 2-3 hours PIV sex meant it was quickly spending a lot of time in that new environment.

Other than that, I'm beginning to wonder if he could be allergic to my vagina. I just feel so bad for him, and I want to figure out what's going on. The clinic that he's been going to doesn't seem to be much help, they're just giving him random meds and then sending him on his way.

So my question is, seeing how vaginas can get anomalies like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis from variables like a change in environment, can similar things happen to penises as well?

ETA: The penis in question is indeed uncircumcised, which I see now may have contributed to this issue...
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