circle my mistakes (madraykin) wrote in vaginapagina,
circle my mistakes

tsh levels and ttc

I went to see a Doctor last year to ask about a possible thyroid problem as my maternal great-aunt had an underactive thyroid and she couldn't have children (altho this was back in the 40's so who knows what kind of tests they did). They did a TSH level test and my result was 3.28 with a reference range of 0.50-4.50. I believed my Doc when she said my results were totally normal.
I've been actively trying to conceive for three months now with no luck so far. I have very low pre ovulation temps (96.3 and up) but regular cycles and good quality cervical fluid. I've been driving myself crazy reading things online about people with levels like mine having hypothyroid.
I don't really have many symptoms of hypothyroid (I originally asked my Doctor about it because weight was creeping on me and refusing to budge but I have since started a rigorous diet and lost 10lbs) I'm not overweight at all, don't really have dry skin, thin hair or fingernails.. the only symptom of hypo I have is cold hands and feet - which I have always had.
I guess I'd like a second opinion here, am I worrying over nothing? Is 3.28 considered hypothyroid?
Has anyone here had low temps pre ovulation and still conceived?
I'm going to see a new Doctor in a couple of weeks for a preconception checkup so I will be talking about this with her.
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