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I was born to do this dance...

MIA period and Plan B...pregnant?

I guess this is a "am I pregnant?" post. I guess I'm just looking for some insight, on whether there's a good chance I'm pregnant or Plan B has totally screwed up my cycle. All of these encounters were not planned, hence us not being prepared. I know it was reckless but alcohol can really skew your judgement and I do have an appt. thurs. at planned parenthood to get me on HBC.

I've had three sexual encounters since the end of July, which mostly did not involve a condom. One on July 28, we did use a condom for most of it, we ended up taking it off. He never came(alcohol influence and what not), but I know there's a chance with precum. So, the soonest I was able to get some plan b from planned parenthood was Saturday morning, a day later. I had a similar situation that night But since I had just taken plan B earlier that morning, I just left it at that, seeing as he didn't come. The following week we were in the same situation, but this time he pulled out. This would've been the only encounter which I would really be worried about, since he actually came, though he didn't come in me. But still I took some Plan B.

The following week, I had a period, which was early but I figured because it was because of the plan b. The period was otherwise normal flow for me, which is generally pretty heavy day 1-3 and then tappers of for 2-3 days.

Well here I am, nearing the end of September and my period is MIA. And its making me worry alot. Its making me crazy, which is probably stressing me out and there for prolonging my periods appearance. Should I suck it up and go buy a test? I don't think I'm pregnant, just because he never did come in me, I took plan B and have had a period since. But you never know...he could have hercules sperm or something. Am I overreacting?

ETA: I took an early response Pregnancy test. And it was negative. I guess I'll see if they can test me at PP. Period, where art thou?
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