a study in silence (also_warriors) wrote in vaginapagina,
a study in silence

VP is ten years old today!

That's right! We're rounding out our first decade of body love.

Thank you all for your contribution to this incredible journey. Thank you for your openness, your knowledge, and your ability to help us to grow.

Today we are 32,072 members strong. We have posted 70,379 entries over the past ten years and generated 854,777 honest, helpful, personal, insightful, well-researched, and frequently hilarious comments.

I have a lot of feelings, which I could never express adequately so instead I'll expand on the question our founder, rockstarbob, asked in the very first VP post:
There are a lot of euphemisms for genitals. What do you call your genitals? What word(s) do you use for that part of your anatomy in general? Do you use different words for the same parts on other people? What words do you like partners to use?
But of course, you can also regard this as the general VP is ten post.

Here's to ten more years.
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