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Birth control +high cholesterol?

Hey VPers!

I want to get on birth control very soon and will be going to see my GYN at the beginning of October (and of course will discuss this with him as well). I need to get on birth control mainly to stop periods and control pain from endometriosis. The pain is EXTREME and I just want to control it and enjoy life for a while instead of dealing with pain all the damn time.

The problem though is that I have high cholesterol.

Is there any type of birth control that can be taken that doesn't matter if you have high cholesterol or cause any problems if you have high cholesterol?

Have any of you taken birth control and had high cholesterol? Or do any of you have high cholesterol and take birth control now?

I just need a way to control the endo and the pain... and truthfully, I'm scared that I'm not going to have a way to do that and will just have to live with the pain and endo problems just by taking pain meds all the time, and I really don't think I can :-(
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