Rachel (gatehorse) wrote in vaginapagina,

It's not your body, it's the clothes.

I had a lot of frustration this summer, trying to find pants for work. When I found a style I liked, it never fit the way I wanted it to. I wanted something that was good-looking-but that was even more impossible than finding khakis with pockets! I had to wonder, what was wrong with me?! I know shopping brings on body image issues for a lot of people-ever wondered why you can never find clothes that fit? Wonder why everyone looks so good at the end of What not to Wear? I read a blog entry the other day that may make you feel a little better:

It's worth reading the whole thing for more context, but the TL;DR version:
"...everything you will ever see on a celebrity’s body, including their outfits when they’re out and about and they just get caught by a paparazzo, has been tailored, and the same goes for everything on What Not To Wear. "

I know I wasn't the only one whos mind was blown by that. It makes complete sense to me, but it's not something I've ever thought of. I do think it's something that should be mentioned on the show. Someone pointed out to me that they do mention it-when a woman tries on an article of clothing that gapes here or there, they say "you can get that altered." But it's not something that's emphasized, and it's not something I would have thought they'd do to EVERY piece of clothing.

I don't have the money to get everything I own altered (though it's probably more maneagable if you do it as you buy each piece of clothing) but at least this helps me realize that it's not my body that's the problem, and size doesn't matter. I think this realization can benefit others too, which is why I want to spread this around. It can be so hard to feel good when nothing fits, so I hope this helps you maintain a positive view of your own body at those times-whether you're shopping for jeans, shirts, swimsuits, bras, or anything.

(And yes, I did eventually find khakis that mostly fit-but I still need a belt, or they gape at the waist, as do almost all of my pants)
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