Broccoli: Le Awesome (jacobean_ruff) wrote in vaginapagina,
Broccoli: Le Awesome

Documentary "These Chicks are Doing it": Huge thanks


I just wanted to come back and say how much gratitude I have for all of you who took the time to help out with my documentary.

I must say I am so excited by the openess, the honesty and the humour many of you gave, I am so happy with the quality of responses I got from you all~
Again, I am really sorry for anyone who experienced issues with the survey timing out.

I will most defiantly come back and present you guys with a sample of the qualitative information and then when the film is complete.  

Here is the link again for anyone else who wants to voice their oppionions about masturbation.

The survey will be open till the end of the week. Feel free to share it around. We are taking the comments and information very seriously. It is annonymous, but let me know if you want credit or are not cool with me using your words for this documentary. anything at all please contact me at (I can also send you a copy of the treatment if you are unsure about my motivation or purpose of this film) 

Thank-you very much Vagina Pagina :) you have been amazing! 
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