hr_2003 (hr_2003) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnant!...Is this normal?

So...I just found out that I am pregnant! About 4 or 5 weeks along now. My husband & I are happy about this but now that the excitement is settling down, I am starting to get super paranoid that I will miscarry. My mom had 2 miscarriages and so did her sister. I'm almost afraid to be happy and looking forward to the coming months in the event that I do miscarry. I am even more afraid I will miscarry and not know it until an ultrasound. Is this a normal fear? I am wondering if I bring up my concerns to my OBGYN, if they can do an early ultrasound to reassure me that everything is as should be. I also have hypothyroidism so I am not sure if that puts me at a higher risk. I do not have any symptoms right now other than the missed period so that is also something concerning me, but I know it's still early. I have yet to call my OBGYN and make an appointment but I plan on doing so tomorrow.
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