Amanda (lemmecutyoudown) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help me ease my crazy mind.

Please tell me I'm not pregnant.

I'm a long time user of Ortho-Tri-Cyclen. I've been taking it for nearly a decade. I've always started my period on the Tuesday after the Sunday I start my placebos. Last month it started three days early on a Saturday (last day of my active pills). It was very weird since I could pretty much tell you to the second that I would usually start, but after some Googling I learned that it was more than likely from my diet. I've lost around 30 pounds in the past few months on a low carb diet. It was refreshing to see that so many women had the same issue with the diet and I didn't really worry about it any more. I just assumed that maybe that it was either a one time thing or that would be when I started my period from now on. Rewind to last Sunday. I was in the bathroom and noticed a big strip of snot like discharge in my panties. I've never noticed anything like that before (doesn't mean I've never had it) so it of course freaked me out. I (once again) turned to Google (and you guys) and I wonder if it could be from ovulation? I had unprotected sex (he does always pull out) the night before and a few nights after so of course I'm paranoid and convinced that my wonky period the month before and the snot in my panties automatcally means I'm pregnant. Despite my common sense telling me that with my perfect birth control use, etc., it's highly unlikely. Can someone make me feel better about this? I've posted a few "Am I pregnant?" type posts before (years ago) and within hours or so, I start my period. I've really worked myself up over this and I would love to just read "You're crazy. Not pregnant."

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