Ana Ng (anang209) wrote in vaginapagina,
Ana Ng

Smoker, early 30s, can't get BC and need a period free, protected-from-babies two weeks, help?

Sorry in advance for the long and confusing post but I am kind of at my wits end here.

I am a mom to two and in a long term LDR. I am seeing my boyfriend in October for the first time in a YEAR. We have been together 5 years and needless to say I want there to be much hassle free sexing. In July, I went to the gyn for the first time in a long time to reup my Nuvaring. I had to see a new doctor because the old one wouldn't take my insurance.

New doctor freaks out because I have an irregular heartbeat (no diagnosed conditions and PCP says heartbeat is normal) and refuses me all BC. Even the IUD. Even the diaphragm. I switch docs, stating the reason, which has now "tainted" my medical record. Because one doc refused me BC, none will give me Nuvaring or any other kind of HBC.

New doc is great but won't circumvent old doctor's orders in case I die and sue, I suppose. She prescribes the mini-pill. Here are my concerns, can you help me out with figuring out what will allow me to have interruption free sex for the precious two weeks I have with my BF?

1.) Spotting. Mini pill causes it apparently and this could be inhibiting.

2.) Cycle manipulation: I did not menstruate for July or August and got my period on Wednesday. BF arrives in 19 days. High likelihood I will be menstruating during his visit.

3.) Obtaining the RX: I am running out of time now, and I don't know what to do. I won't be 35 for 3 years so I don't understand why I am being denied it.

4.) IUD: I have a tiny cervix and it was not recommended. Doc said the last two patients were "in agony"

5.) Today sponge: Expensive, and I am afraid it will get in the way.

6.) Mood swings: nuvaring was the first HBC I was able to tolerate because generally the pill gives me mood swings.

What would you do if you were me? Thanks in advance! :)
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