hr_2003 (hr_2003) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mixed Pregnancy Test Results...

Hi everyone!

I posted awhile back about thinking I was pregnant. Well, I am about a week late now which is unusual for me as I am very regular and have never been late or missed a period. It doesn't even feel like a period is coming. 

My question for everyone is - have you ever had a blood pregnancy test come back with incorrect results? Wednesday morning, I did a home pregnancy test and it was positive so I got a blood one done that same day. That one was negative. I still can't shake this "feeling" that I am pregnant, so I did one today after work. It was positive, and the "+" was more defined this time. Called my OBGYN, they are going to have me do a different blood test that will tell me the hcg levels. I am thinking the last one was just a simple "negative" or "positive" outcome and wasn't real specific. Wednesday was still pretty early to be testing. I have heard that blood tests are more accurate, but that the at home tests are more sensitive. I would only be 2-3 weeks pregnant if I am. I really just want to know what the heck is going on...there are a lot of mixed emotions going through me right now.

Anyone have this happen to them?? Just wondering...thanks!
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