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Strep C

This is a strange question about a relatively unknown subject, so I'm looking for some "wild guess" advice, I suppose.

I had a nasty virus that knocked me out for about 2 weeks. When I was finally feeling better, I developed tonsillitis, and I was diagnosed with Strep C, which is a rarer form of Strep in that it doesn't usually affect healthy individuals—but since I was so knocked out from the virus, I got it. I'm now on Levoquin and improving rapidly.

I know that Strep B is a form of strep you can contract vaginally (i've had it before but don't have it now), but according to my old gynecologist it is not passed mouth-->genitals. According to my research, Strep C can also infect the vagina in ways it is very hard to find out about on the internet.

Does anyone have any idea or guesses about whether strep c can be passed mouth-->genitals, or what sexual activity would be okay to engage in? I've been kissing my partner endlessly during my sickness and he has had absolutely no affect, but I wouldn't want him to pass Strep C to my vagina through oral sex if he is carrying it without symptoms. The other thing to consider is that I'm currently on antibiotics so perhaps no transfer would be possible.

I'm trying to think of what things to avoid—it's his birthday tonight so I would rather not avoid sexytimes altogether. I will avoid giving him oral sex as my throat is still not 100%, but should I avoid oral from him to me and him using any kind of spit-lubricant on my vag? Or do you think with the antibiotics, i'm covered?

Thanks for your guesses, guys!
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