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Documentary participation: These Chicks are Doing it!

Hey guys, after liaising the moderators of this community, I’m posting to ask for your help!
My name is Josie. I’m a film maker based in Melbourne, Australia and I’m working in association with monster pictures.

I’m working on a short documentary called 'These chicks are doing it!: an exploration of female masturbation" and I need you wonderful people to lend me your vagina knowledge, experience and opinions in a survey I have set up.

In a line, it is a light hearted, empowering, egalitarian look at female masturbation.

It is fairly open ended, questions are all up to your discretion and it is anonymous (unless of course you want credit) Please let me know (at the end of the survey if you are not cool with me using your words) but for everyone else, your stories, ideas and feelings on masturbation may be used as part of the documentary 


**and yes I will of course post here on completion of the documentary. :)

Laura Carpenters study on the sexual scripting method in seventeen magazine is my main theoretical basis. That media that is aimed at us is so influential on what becomes normalized and thus acceptable fascinates me. Are we in control of our vaginas? I used to think I was. but the more I researched (during my time as an undergrad studying gender) the more I was concerned for the well being of my understanding and other woman’s about masturbating.
This project aims to use the egalitarian nature of typography to eliminate pre conceived notions about the speaker. It should not matter if you are married, single, 80 or 14, how you masturbate is up to you. So far the responses have been amazing. woman sharing their intimate details and stories is a good thing, to share is to take back from the media what is normal so we all feel what ever we choose to do sexually is fine.
I dont want to make this long and arduous, it is supposed to be light hearted and humorous, by removing the taboo element I hope to make it more comfortable (reach for the sky haha)
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. If you take the survey double thank you! questions, concerns and suggestions can be directed to my email 

*trans-woman, people who feel they are at all kindred with the vagina "anyone who's been socialised as women" or even men who want to make comment feel free to participate, the questions are not all geered to people with vaginas (though some are) so feel free to add your voice

***I will keep this survey active, the production dates are still fairly fluid so please dont stress about getting your response in. 

**mini note, just incase the survey does time out on you, perhaps write your responses in word pad or text editor or something incase when you submit it decides to refresh or something. then you can resubmit without having to write it all again
**sorry to inconveience anyone! 

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