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ok. i have a question.

me and my bf have had unprotected sex 4x. i kno atleast 3x he's cum inside of me. i am not currently on birth control.

i knew that my period was supposed to come on the 15th/16th of this month so i went ahead and took an early detection pregnancy test on the 11th, this was the kind that can determine pregnancy up to 6 days b4 ur missed period. anyway, it said i wasn't pregnant. then i started spotting that nite. on monday i got my period. i've had it for 3 days now. i'm usually like clock-work, sometimes i may come a day or 2 early, but not this early.

i've heard that sometimes you can have a period, but still be pregnant. i've felt off for a couple weeks now, i can't really explain the feeling. and i've wanted to eat everything in sight. i've also been urinating a lot. i could blame the urination on my sugar, but i'm not having excessive thirst, which is a huge sign of high sugar levels. also, i've gotten a lil sick after eating. it's happened a couple times, ive noticed.

i was thinking about taking another pregnancy test. should i take the early detection one? or should i go get a regular one if i do take another test? i'm also planning to go to my gyno next week to get my sugar tested again (i was borderline then i was told i was full-blown and my meds are really high, but all of this is from my primary doctor, so i want my gyno to double check bc i don't think i have full-blown diabetes, mostly bc i dont have the symptoms..i think there is something else going on, bc everytime my numbers are high, its when i'm under a lot of stress) anyway, idk whether or not to ask for a pregnancy test from him or not..wat do ya'll think?
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