danikabananika (danikabananika) wrote in vaginapagina,

How likely is it that this is normal?

Hi everyone. Anyone who has seen my posts here knows that I stress out and panic over this stuff all the time, but I'm scared right now and I just want some opinions from other people.

First off, my period is approximately 2 days late- my cycle is longer than 28 days 95% of the time. Usually it's 30 or 31. If it were 31, I am officially 2 days late.

Secondly, the only things that I can think of that would have affected my ovulation date this month were
a) I was sick right around the time I was supposed to ovulate (more than a cold, but I wasn't throwing up or anything)
b) I have been dealing with depression/eating disorders for a few years, and while I am healthy now, I had a bit of a mental breakdown this month
and c) my eating schedule was messed up due to travelling, trying to do a "cleanse", and not eating all day just because I was busy

Thirdly, we used a condom every time we had sex except for 3 times a week after my apparent ovulation date (the first time was exactly a week after, which was Sept. 3rd, again on the 6th, and again on the 10th. I do not ever let him ejaculate inside me)

I do not have any symptoms aside from bitchiness, which I'm assuming (hoping) is PMS. I know you should wait 19 days after the sex in question to take a pregnancy test, but I'm having anxiety attacks now and I need some sort of relief. Can I trust a pregnancy test now?
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