Emma Leigh (amhranai9) wrote in vaginapagina,
Emma Leigh

Why am I bleeding!?!

Hi everyone,

I posted a couple days ago about itching & spotting, and I'm posting again now b/c things have changed.  I do apologize if this has already been addressed - but a search through the archives didn't yield anything exactly like what I'm experiencing, and google has too much information and tells me it could be anything.

Basically I was having some itching/burning for about a week which I assumed was a mild YI (no odor/discharge), or just irritation from rough sex.  I started to notice a pinkish/brownish discharge that looked like spotting to me.

Last night I was feeling much better - my skin was no longer raw to the touch, and the discharge was very minimal.  So I thought it was okay to have sex.  Minor discomfort initially, but then I felt totally fine.  AFTERWARDS however, when I went to pee, it burned and stung like nobody's business!  As soon as I wiped the pain went away, but I did notice a tiny bit of fresh blood on the paper.  I assumed I just tore my skin a little bit or something.

This morning, no more burning, but there's more blood - mucusy, so it looks like light period blood.  This worries me because I am on HBC.  I was a couple of hours late for one pill this month, but that's it.  I have been on and off various pills for the last six years, but have NEVER had spotting or irregular periods while on the pill.  I am in the middle of my second week of active pills (Lutera), so my actual period should not be anywhere near starting.

My partner and I do not use condoms.... should I be worried about a possible pregnancy?  Could this be implantation bleeding?  Or could my cervix be bleeding for some other reason associated with the itching/discomfort?

Any ideas???  Thank you!

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