Tara (oneandonlytara) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ortho birth control

Hey VPers!

About a month ago, my doctor prescribed Demulen for me to take as far as HBC goes. I'd taken the exact same kind a few years back but forgot to renew the prescription when it ran out (3 months) as it was near Christmas and I assumed he nor his receptionist would be in to take my call for more. After years of intense bleeding every month and long periods (usually 14 days or more. About a week of heavy bleeding and then a week of spotting,) I finally threw in the towel and he prescribed me Demulen once again. I was so relieved that I wouldn't have to worry about periods as he instructed me to take the pill for nine consecutive weeks and then have one week off so I could have a period. He said that it would likely be very light to which I basically jumped for joy.

Only problem was that I've been having heavy spotting/light flow since about a week after starting it. I called yesterday and he prescribed me Ortho with the same instructions, nine weeks on, one week off, in hopes that this would be stronger and stop the non stop bleeding that's been occurring.

Two questions, if you can help me out:

1) I tried looking this up online, but couldn't find the answer. Is Ortho the same thing as Ortho Tri-cyclen or Tri-Cyclen Lo? When I googled "Ortho" to look for sites on info about it, all that came up was sites regarding Tri-Cyclen and Tri-Cyclen Lo and the packaging for this strictly says Ortho on it. Just curious.

2) Since I'd taken Demulen before and had no issues, why all of a sudden would the constant bleeding occur? I figured it was maybe my body's way of readjusting and my uterus being confused, but after taking it for about six weeks, there was no sign that it had any intentions of stopping. It's why I waited a few weeks, to see if my body would adjust, but no dice. Both times the Demulen was the same dosage. The Ortho he prescribed is a stronger dosage, obviously.

Any help or advice you give is appreciated!
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