danikabananika (danikabananika) wrote in vaginapagina,

Could Plan B induce a late period?

Hi everyone. Every couple of months, my period likes to be late, just to freak me out and keep me on my toes I suppose. I still haven't got it (now 2 days late) and it's doing a very good job of keeping me scared. I started taking ridiculous amounts of vitamin C, ginger root, and parsley tea yesterday, but no luck (which normally works... so that is not helping me remain calm). In theory, if I took a Plan B pill today, it could cause me to get my period due to the the rise/fall of progesterone, right?

Ahh. I am losing my mind :(

(For the record, unless we had a Ross/Rachel moment which I suppose is always possible, we were safe. The only time we didn't use a condom was a week after I had ovulated, and we still used the withdrawal method)

Thanks in advance!
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