Emma Leigh (amhranai9) wrote in vaginapagina,
Emma Leigh

Itching and Spotting?

A few days ago, I started getting itchy and sore down there, and I assumed it could have been a yeast infection.  But unlike my past YIs (or what I've assumed to be YIs.... never diagnosed, never treated), there was no unusual discharge or odor.

It's been about a week, and discomfort seems to have mostly alleviated... except today I notice a brownish/pinkish clear discharge that looks suspiciously like spotting.  I'm nowhere near due for my period, I've been taking my HBC on schedule every day, and I haven't had sex for a week (since the time that seemed to instigate the problem).... does that sound like a YI or something else?  Something I should be concerned about?

Thanks for the input, ladies!
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