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A strange theory.

Hello everyone! I have been tracking my cycles for almost a year now, and I have noticed something odd. I will have a cycle lasting between 24-27 days one month, and the next I'll have one that lasts 35-38 days. I also have ovulation pains, and I know when I ovulate because I check my mucus and temperatures. The funny thing here is that I will feel ovulation pain in one side one month, and the other the next. It always goes "left, right, left, right". When I feel the pain in my left side, my cycles are shorter. When I ovulate from my right side, I will have the longer cycle. On my left, I always ovulate on either day 14 or 15. On my right, I get ovulation signs on about day 23, which accounts for the longer cycle.

Do you think there is any truth to my findings? I have been noticing this ever since I began my tracking. I don't think I have "irregular" periods because I always get one each month, and I have a "pattern", as described above. It's not inconvenient or painful....just odd! Could my right ovary just be...lazier than my left? Is any of this possible, or am I just losing my mind?   <.<
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