Sara (mari_mac1109) wrote in vaginapagina,

Breast Tenderness

Hello Superstars!

I've been experiencing breast tenderness for four days now, in both breasts. If I bump them or lie on my stomach, even if I touch them, they hurt! It's both breasts, similar to PMS tenderness but the timing for that is a bit off. And my PMS breast tenderness is usually only for a day or so and then only when I take my bra off for the day. This is constant.

I'm in my second week of active pills on LoEstrin and this is my second month. I've had a bit more acne, but mostly it's completely taken care of all my PMS symptoms, which is awesome! No breakthrough bleeding, nothing to suggest any 'irregularity' or anything like that. I did not have any breast tenderness the past month.

For the record, I'm 24, not currently sexually active (unfortunately! Darn LDRs!) and have never been pregnant. I'm about a 40 DDD or a 42 DD. No change in bras lately.

What could this be?

If it keeps up, I'll go in to my doctor. In the meantime, anything I can do to relieve the pain?

is it possible my breasts are.... growing and that's what's causing the pain? I really hope not! They're quite big enough for me as is.
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