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Repost because nobody answered...Help! Brown gunk!

hiya ladies! period week of my pill was last week, and i had a normal period as usual. it "stopped" on friday, so i took out my cup, figuring that was that, as usual.

But. Since then, I *think* every day, i've had the Brown Gunk. I normally have pretty heavy discharge that's totally normal, but now it feels like that (and smells like that, if you care) but is *dark* brown. staining my white pantiliners brown. It's been almost a week now...and i'm starting to get a little bit worried, especially since i have some awesome plans with my new man for saturday night.

more history: this has never happened to me before. maybe a little brown at the end of a period but not heavy like this. also, the ONLY different variables i can think of: i skipped a period last month, but i've done that before and the next period hasn't been any different. Also I had sex last saturday night/sunday morning and i do recall him hitting my cervix in an OUCH way, but if that caused bleeding wouldn't it have stopped by now? Also I have not had unprotected sex with anyone who hasn't been tested...pretty much ever. not since the last time I was tested at the very least.

help! is this normal for this long after a period? what do i tell the new lover? and if/when should i be worried enough to go to the doctor?

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