Ms. Machina (m4ch1n4) wrote in vaginapagina,
Ms. Machina

Vibrator Virgin & Condom Questions

Checked tags but they haven't had a new entry in a while, so I figured i'll request some updated information. Please forgive me if i'm doing this wrong, haha.

I'm newly seperated and am looking for my first vibrator. I have never had an orgasm other than clitoral stimulation by myself only - I don't feel right when others do it. This is incredibly frustrating for me. I'm thinking about getting a rabbit but my problem with my clit is I go from first touch, to orgasm, to "Oh-my-God-too-sensitive-don't-touch-me" in about a minute or two, and i'm afraid i'll be attempting to use it through penetration and the ears will get me off in a few seconds and I won't want to use it anymore. At the same time, I don't want to buy a toy strictly for penetration and discover I REALLY can't have an orgasm. So i'm not sure what to buy.

Also, can anyone tell me how loud these things are? I'm still living with my soon-to-be-ex-husband for a while and I'd prefer he not hear me using it. Price isn't a big deal although i'd prefer in the double digits because i'm not sure i'll like it. Also, i'm silly but if it comes in pink i'll love it even more. (Dumb, I know..)

One last question, about condoms - now that i'm faced with possibly sleeping with other partners again, can anyone suggest a condom brand for someone who hasn't used them in years? I never really liked them but I figure maybe there's some thinner condoms that would ease me back into condom use.

Thanks in advance, VPers!
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